• Why IELTT?

    Frustrated with the poor quality of TEFL training experience typically on offer to teachers of TEFL / ESOL, the IELTT was set up to offer the very best training available with enhanced opportunities to observe teachers and practice teaching.

    Our fundamental belief is that to be an effective and proficient teacher, 'live' classroom based training is essential.

  • Too many teachers of EFL rely on training solely from downloaded / online videos and having passed online multi choice assessments, are described as being 'qualified' to teach. But is someone who has never taught students really ´classroom-ready´?

    In our view, online training alone is not adequate - trainee teachers must observe teaching and be observed by teachers. Teachers need to participate in 'live' learning, to prepare and deliver training to 'real' learners as part of their studies, and that is exactly what you are offered in our TEFL programmes.