• EFL academy wanting to expand your courses?

    Commonly offered as:

    • 2 hour session
    • 4 hours / half day session (including a short break)
    • 2 programs of 4 hours / half day (including a short break)

    These short courses can be tailored to your specific needs — your students, your schedule, and your location. Courses typically include lesson plans and materials tailored to your students.

    The range of programs is constantly expanding with the advent of new opportunities and requirements.

    Courses include:

    • Gameification - using games to inspire and engage older students - we mainly focus on using board games to attract and help develop conversational English
    • Awareness in the classroom is learning consciously and helping students focus on their studies through mindfulness exercises. This can work with both young and older students.
    • Lesson planning - this lesson focuses on the basics of lesson planning - creating a lesson plan that meets the needs of students and the curriculum - a lesson plan that you can follow with enough flexibility to adapt to circumstances in the classroom.
    • Teaching students with special learning needs - This special program designed by specialists is designed to help you educate students with special needs by presenting a number of ideas about which approaches to use and the approaches that should be avoided. For more information contact us.
    • Using art and craft to inspire and attract young learners - This short program aims to show how the context of art can be used to help very young learners develop their English skills.
    • Using simple cooking to inspire and attract young learners (typically 8 years of age or older) - This half-day short course is designed to demonstrate how cooking can be used to develop language skills.