• IELTT Level 4 Advanced Certificate / Diploma in EFL Teaching

    If you want extra credit as a Specialist or Subject Leader, the Advanced Certificate / Diploma might be just want you need!

  • These courses are delivered either:

    • in parallel to your CertTEFL 'add-on' (over 4 days - typically Monday - Thursday), or
    • as a 'Stand alone programme (part time over 4 weeks)

    The courses provide you with the knowledge and practice to become an Advanced Practitioner in a specialised area of EFL teaching and learning.

  • Advanced Certificate

    The Advanced Certificate programme include:

    • Underpinning theory and how it relates to modern teaching practice
    • An understanding of lesson planning and delivery for the Specialism

    On successful completion of the 40 hour Programme, the end of module knowledge checks and the assignment, you will gain an IELTT Level 4 Advanced Certificate in EFL (subject specialism) in recognition of your course completion.

  • Advanced Diploma

    You can upgrade the Certification to an IELTT Level 4 Advanced Diploma in EFL (Subject Specialism) by submitting an Independent Study research paper - the topic to be chosen at the beginning of the course.

    This will enable you to take more of a leadership role within an Academy or School in the area of study.

  • IELTT Advanced Certificate / Diploma Course Dates

    The Advanced Certificate / Diploma programmes in EFL Teaching course dates normally start on the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month, but this can vary with Public Holidays.

    Contact us for the most up-to-date information.

  • Cost

    These courses are offered either:

    • At the same time as the Level 5 CertTEFL programme - 199 euros (249 euros for the Diploma)
    • If taken as a stand-alone course - 249 euros (299 euros for the Diploma).
  • Programmes available in ...

    • Advanced Cert. (EL)
      Advanced Dip. (EL)
    • Advanced Cert. (SEN)
      Advanced Dip. (SEN)
    • Advanced Cert. (VYLs)
      Advanced Dip. (VYLs)
    • Advanced Cert. (BE)
      Advanced Dip. (BE)
    • Advanced Cert. (OL)
      Advanced Dip. (OL)