• Students with Special Learning Needs

    There are many, many millions of 'special needs' students in mainstream and special schools today, making up around 13% of the learner population.

  • Advanced Certificate in teaching learners with SENs

    With a strong focus on supporting ESL learners with special needs in schools and language academies, the advanced SEN online course is perfect for current or aspiring teachers of English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language. However, this qualification is just as useful to anyone who works or spends time with individuals who have learning difficulties, as well as those who want to better understand special educational needs in the context of English Language teaching and learning.

  • Assessment

    The Advanced Certificate in teaching learners with programme can be taken in parallel to the Level 5 CertTEFL programme, but it is also available to people who have studied another TEFL course (of at least 120 hours) at the same level.

    On successful completion of the course you will be well equipped to start your career as a business English teacher.

    The course consists of six modules taught over 4 weeks or sessions:

    • Definitions and key principles of special educational needs (SEN)
    • Moderate learning disabilities
    • Autism
    • Behavioural, social and emotional difficulties
    • Specific learning difficulties
    • Speech and language, and global communication issues

    Each module ends with a knowledge test and there is an end of course assignment for the Certificate.

  • Advanced Diploma option

    As an additional study option, if you wish, over the 4 weeks, you can submit a research assignment as Independent Study for the Advanced Diploma - topic to be agreed with your tutor.

    If you have the enthusiasm and interest in supporting children with special needs (often called 'differently able', especially by the parents) with the Advanced Diploma you'll be an invaluable member of your academy's teaching staff.

    You will have something of a leadership role, making sure that fellow teachers are able and prepared for the special needs students in their classes.

  • Next steps

    Download the course information sheet above and if you are sure that this is the course for you, then select the appropriate payment option on the right.

    If you are still not sure if the programme is appropriate for you at this time (there are other options of course), you can schedule a call with one of the IELTT team using the 'Schedule a Call' link - this takes you to an online calendar to choose a suitable day and time for us to chat.

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