• How TEFL works


    It's really simple - here's a guide!


    1. Decide which TEFL course is the right one for you
    2. Study on-line and in person
    3. Complete the programme
    4. With our help update your CV and apply for jobs
    5. Have some interviews - probably using Skype or Zoom
    6. Choose the job you like the sound of most & pack your bags!
  • Stage 1

    We offer one 'CertTEFL' course to ensure that you as a student have the best access to international English Teaching opportunities, so picking the course is really easy!

    Our courses are taught 'live' either one-to-one or in very small groups. but you'll need to decide if you want to study it entirely online or whether face-to-face training will be possible for you.

    Once you've decided, click the "Enrol me!" button and enrollment will take just a few minutes.

  • Stage 2

    Follow the course instructions and attend the online sessions using any device - remember that the lessons are live so you'll need to agree the times with the instructors.

    By the end of the course, you'll be a real TEFL professional!!!

  • Stage 3

    There are 3 assignments you'll need to complete with the programme and there's an English Language assessment about halfway through the course.

    With 6 hours of teaching practice scheduled in the programme, with our help you'll show you're able to teach real students.

  • Stage 4

    With our help, you'll send your CV out and seen by language schools and Academies. Of course we'll point you in the direction of all the best places to find work around the world. So far, all our students have gone directly into work after graduating from our course.

  • Stage 5

    Virtually all international schools and academies will want to conduct an online interview using Skype, Zoom or some other online platform. This is your opportunity to impress the interviewer with your enthusiasm and your ability to engage with their learners.

    We'll help you prepare for these interviews of course with 'mock' interviews, of course.

  • Stage 6

    Well here you are with a group of teenage English language leaners - it was quite a journey but you made it. Of course with the Covid Pandemic still active, travel is currently restricted in many locations but opportunities exist and should increase as time passes.

    The adventure begins!