• Teaching Mindfully

  • Mindfulness isn’t a panacea for the world’s problems, but it does provide a practical strategy for working directly with reality.

    Incorporating a consistent mindfulness practice into your lessons is a great way to promote social and emotional learning in your classroom. It helps students cultivate confidence in life and creates a classroom environment that’s primed for learning. Most importantly, the benefits students gain from practicing mindfulness will have a lasting effect both inside and outside the classroom.

    Taking a few minutes each day to encourage your students to “check in” on themselves and reflect on their day can have a tremendous impact in the classroom and on your students’ lives. The benefits of incorporating a mindfulness practice into curriculum include:

    • Increased focus and alertness.
    • Students will be more interactive.
    • It's refreshing.
    • Increased awareness and understanding of one's feelings and emotions.

    As a result, students become more engaged and empowered to learn!

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